Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 Is The Real Self Lacing Shoes We’ve All Been Waiting For

Technology is being used in every industry and in every household to make life easier, better and more enjoyable. Transportation is a great example of how technology is being used to move people around faster, safer and more comfortably.

The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 is the ultimate creation, melding quality footwear with ‘all’ that technology can offer. Nike has continually marched forward, ever accelerating toward the future of shoe designs, in their goal to create the ‘Holy Grail’ of athletic shoe wear. And, they may have just reached their destination.

Nike shoe engineers have created a unique shoe that functions much like a performance vehicle, it uses electrical and mechanical engineering and adaptive lacing to set personal shoe tension preference, a feature other shoe companies have only dreamed about.

Simply put, once you put your foot in this shoe, your heel will press down on a sensor that will activate the shoe’s on-board tension system, it will then ‘automatically’ tighten around your foot to meet your preset tension preference. Or, you can easily adjust tension pressure by manually pressing two buttons on the side of the shoe.

The shoe has visual effects that are just as impressive, but to really appreciate this marvel of athletic shoe-wear, take a look for yourself, Nike has an impressive video highlighting the HyperAdapt 1.0, check it out.

NIKE HYPERADAPT 1 Self Lacing Sneaker (3)NIKE HYPERADAPT 1 Self Lacing Sneaker (4)
NIKE HYPERADAPT 1 Self Lacing Sneaker 3NIKE HYPERADAPT 1 Self Lacing SneakerNIKE HYPERADAPT 1 Self Lacing Sneaker (2)

Source – Nike

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