NiceRink Backyard Ice Rink Kit Makes Your Yard The Perfect Place To Skate

Anyone else ever ponder lovably nerdy PARKS AND RECREATION accounting prodigy and former teenage Minnesotan small-town mayor Ben Wyatt’s failed ice skating complex and wonder, what went wrong? We have a theory.

Simply put, Leslie Knope’s loyal loverboy thought a bit too big. Almost anyone who has ever called a colder clime home could revel in the unique magic of coasting effortless through a crisp winter chill across the glassy surface of newly frozen ice. However, there’s just something incomparably wonderful about a leisurely skate in an outdoor rink’s frosty air that no spacious indoor sheet of ice could match.

For the same investment the ambitious Mr. Wyatt bankrupted his hometown with to open Ice Town, who knows? He could have gifted a DIY NiceRink backyard ice rink kit to every household and afforded everyone a personal skating experience no further than their own backdoors.

Every NiceRink set includes an enormous and durable heavy duty rink liner on which you’ll freeze your sheet, along with 34 companion brackets a roll of patch tape to form a 40-foot-long, 20-foot-wide personal skating rink suited for leisurely free skates or even some convenient backyard hockey practice.

If you’re looking for something that more snugly fits your yard’s unique dimensions, NiceRink kits are also available in 30 x 45 foot, 40 x 20 foot and 40 x 60 foot sizes, plus a more compact 19 x 11 foot version for especially modest areas.

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NiceRink Backyard Ice Rink Kit

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