Nibbled Cutting and Serving Board Cuts the Cheese Without Feline Interruption

The clever game of cat and mouse can be played by any human, but felines and mice do it better. We’ve learned that since the success of everyone’s favorite animated cat and mouse Tom and Jerry. Made in 1940 by Hanna and Barbera, this series has had many successful resurrections and continues to be an entertaining force for kids of all ages.

Though they may not understand the complexities of feline sass, Fred and Friends have pleased mice worldwide with the Nibbled Cutting and Serving Board. This sold wood cutting board is mouse-themed and has a serving knife shaped like a mouse that’ll have you cutting cheese every day.

When you’re done you can insert the knife into a hole in the wood that looks like a mouse hole. Jerry would be proud. NIBBLED Mouse Cutting Serving Board 1NIBBLED Mouse Cutting Serving Board 2NIBBLED Mouse Cutting Serving Board 4NIBBLED Mouse Cutting Serving Board 3

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