Neyya Smart Ring Controls All Your Bluetooth Gadgets Like Magic

Not since Abin Sur has anyone offered us a ring so satisfyingly powerful as the Neyya Smart Ring.

Sold in either equally luxurious Medallion Gold or Silver Sterling Titanium finishes in Small, Medium and Large sizes starting at $139 ($179 for Gold), the Neyya Smart Ring concept improves upon even the most effortless and intuitive device’s screen controls by silencing calls, scrolling through music, directing Powerpoint presentations, and even remotely snapping photos.

Its smart touchpad and gesture functionality dazzled onlookers at TechCrunch’s 2015 CES Hardware Battlefield with its seamless compatibiliy with Roku, GoPro, iOS/OSX Apple devices and Windows hardware alike through its Bluetooth 4 connectivity. With a battery rated for the days of average-use life and nine standby days and a charging dock that juices it up in around 90 minutes, it’s a wearable for long-haul duty. The Android or iOS companion app further deepens the Neyya’s usefulness to include custom daily activity reminder notifications, supplement and medication dosage reminders, and auto-response messaging.

If paired with an iOS device, a three-second press on the black polycarbonate capacitive surface will ring up Siri for even more assistance.

Just to throw this out there, if anyone fashions a charging dock in the shape of a big green lantern, we’ll move Heaven and Earth to order 7,200 rings at once….


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