New Toshiba USB Flash Drive Has a Revolutionary New Security Feature

This new Encrypted USB Flash Drive from Toshiba has a really cool security feature that is a little more convenient and swanky that a lot of the security software you might have used for securing your data in the past. This cool little device features a small keyboard that lets you manually enter your password once it’s plugged in and once you do that it will automatically decode the AES 256-bit encryption. As soon as you take the pen out, it will automatically lock again and that will ensure that no one can get in without your say so.

In fact, it even features a built-in Mission Impossible-style self-destruct, in that if you get the password wrong 10 times, it will just wipe all the data. Those who are a little forgetful or who have fat fingers may want to hope that this feature can be turned off. Just like having real spy gadgets in your back pocket.

he Encrypted USB Flash Drive will be offered in four capacities: 4GB ($95), 8GB ($112), 16GB ($140), and 32GB ($200). Anyway, this is a convenient, effective and cool way to protect all your data from Toshiba. Too bad that most of us aren’t important enough to have any super-secret private data we need to keep hidden. So… use it for porn?


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