New Steam Controller Will Change the Way We Play PC Games

Valve is the company behind the amazing Half Life and Portal series, as well as the incredibly useful-for-gamers Steam. Now they’re looking to impact on PC gaming in a big way once again with the Steam Controller. But what is it and why is it so important for PC gamers?

While many PC games these days support controllers such as the Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft, others still require a mouse and keyboard combo meaning they can’t be so easily enjoyed while reclined on the couch. There’s just something nice about playing games on a controller and so it’s a shame that some PC games don’t allow that option.

That’s where the Steam Controller comes in. This controller looks similar to a regular games console remote but has an interesting pad on the right side where you would normally find a thumbstick and essentially should give you the precision of a mouse but operable from the couch with just a thumb.

The idea is that you can play FPS shooters with the speed that a desktop computer would normally allow, or something like a point and click adventure without wanting to drag your hair out.

Does it work as advertised? Well that’s something we’ll need to wait until November to find out!

Steam Controller

Steam Game Controller

Source – SteamPowered

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