New Kindle Paperwhite Resists The Glare of Even the Brightest Summer Days

The best way to boost your imagination is to get your nose in a good book. People have been making books for centuries and the hobby is associated with great wisdom and knowledge. If you find yourself straining your eyes in the dark, you’ve probably considered a Kindle at some point. Nearly 20% of book enthusiasts use electronic readers nowadays, and Amazon seems to be a driving force behind the trend.In their newest installment of their Kindle, Amazon has released a Paperwhite version with a 300 DPI High-Resolution Display as well as built in light and Wi-Fi. It’s battery will keep you entertained for weeks, not just a few hours. This 6” display will give you 300 ppi for a great clear image without the possibility of a glare, even on the brightest summer day.

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