New Hot Toys Hulk Figure is Gigantic and Furious, Just Like the Real Thing

If you’re a fan of the latest incarnation of the Incredible Hulk, as seen in Marvel’s The Avengers and the upcoming sequel, then you’ll get a kick out of this new figure from Hot Toys.

Hulk Hot Toys

For the uninitiated (read as slightly less geeky), Hot Toys is a company that creates toys that are very much not aimed at kids. These are highly detailed, very pose-able replicas with tons of accessories and features. They are also about as life-like as you can get, so if you like the sound of having an angry hulk on your desk that looks exactly like a green Mark Ruffalo is just standing there yelling at you, then this product is for you. It may help to motivate you when you’re thinking of procrastinating.

Hulk Smash Hot Toys

Hot Toys Hulk Figures are also excellent for Instagram photos and for making your younger nephew jealous when you tell them they can’t play with your figurines (not toys).

The figure is a whopping 17” (laidees) and has multiple heads featuring various different expressions. This is actually the second Hulk figure from the company but they just keep getting better and better.

Realistic Hulk

Hulk Deluxe Model Marvel Hot Toys Hulk

Source – io9 via Hot Toys


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