New Harry Potter Funko POP! Vinyl Features Dobby, Dementor, Luna Lovegood, Sirius Black And More

January 2016 will go down as one bittersweet month in the hearts of HARRY POTTER fans the world over. Having spent about half the month coming to grips with the sudden and unexpected death of Alan Rickman, the man who breathed a sinister kind of life into Severus Snape, we know we could certainly do with some pleasant Hogwarts-related news.

Well, how about a brand-new line of Funko POP! Harry Potter vinyl figurines? This series coming soon of course features several old favorites, but also pays homage to a few more iconic faces in the Wizarding World. This time around, Harry himself dons his GOBLET OF FIRE Triwizard Tournament uniform and is joined by Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in their dapper Yule Ball best. Dobby the House-Elf comes with a sock that surely stinks of sweet freedom. Harry’s godfather Sirius Black can now watch over him as Draco Malfoy and a malevolent Dementor loom. To our pleasant surprise, moony Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood now joins our collection. Finally rounding out the set, the late, legendary Albus Dumbledore will now remain forever by the side of The Boy Who Lived.

This magically remarkable set arrives this March wherever Funko POP! Vinyl Figurines are sold.

Source – Funko!


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