New GE Fridge Has a Keurig Coffee Machine Built Into the Door

For those who like a hot coffee in the morning but don’t have the counter space for a Keurig machine, appliance manufacturer GE has the answer! The latest iteration to the GE Café Fridge is a new offering from the company that awesomely has a Keurig K-Cup Brewing System built right into the door! It looks pretty cool, like a futuristic cross between a vending machine and a fridge, but what’s really great about it is the smart use of space.

ge cafe refrigerator keurig

So what do you get with the coffee machine? As well as the expected ability to make coffee, you’ll get an onboard LCD screen that lets you pick the size of drink you’re after and advanced water filtration. It also has an added safety precaution in that it won’t start pouring water until a cup is underneath. This can prevent you from scolding your feet or making a mess of your new gadget. Perhaps best of all though is the smartphone app which lets you set it to start brewing from anywhere.

ge cafe refrigerator keurig panel

This is an upgrade to the original GE Café Fridge which had a hot water dispenser and ice maker instead. Like that model, the fridge itself also offers attractive French doors on the front with a full width drawer at the bottom for its freezer. It also has colored LED lights, TwinChill evaporators and some other bells and whistles. The whole thing will set you back $3,300.

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