New Form Of Light Discovered By Physicists Changes Everything We Know

The future of fiber optics and data communication is very bright because of recent discoveries by physicists in Ireland. Passing mankind’s current understanding of science, even beyond quantum mechanics, new discoveries challenge our very understanding about light and how it works.

Until ‘very’ recently, scientists believed light to be a fixed constant – a multiple number that is based on Planck’s mathematical equation; a number that can be used to measure a beam of light. Now, with recent discoveries, a new form of angular momentum is known where a beam of light is only a half of the value under Planck’s constant.

It’s all science jargon, but what does this mean to everyday people and the way fiber optics and communication will be used in the future? Basically, it’s the discovery of a new form of light we as humans were unaware existed. That said, there is a whole new light source mankind can use, it’s already there, imagine, more light to use to transfer information through fiber optics.

People can expect to see literal leaps and bounds of technological advancements in data storage capacities and transfer rates, and, everything related to these will experience incredible changes that we have yet to imagine.

Source – Geek via TCD via ScienceMag

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Fiber optics will never be the same

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