New Faces Of Meth Shows The Before And After Horrors That Can’t Be Unseen

Allow us to remove our comedic hat for a rare sobering public service announcement.

We have nothing funny to say about this jarring infographic. “The Horrors Of Methamphetamine” offers nothing less than what it says on the tin: The Points A and B of a terrible, dangerous drug’s grip on human lives.

We consider ourselves reasonable people where it concerns a certain degree of self-medication. Common sense has only begun to prevail in re-drafting America’s policies toward responsible open marijuana use. Cocaine and certain opiates such as heroin are drugs of abuse that evolved from accepted therapeutic applications, respectively past and present.


Methamphetamine, however, is a deadly demon of a drug that all humanity would exist at no loss whatsoever without. Of the many unforgettable impressions AMC’s “Breaking Bad” contributed to the zeitgeist of what has been called a “Golden Age of television”, it deserves a more significant remembrance than it has arguably ever been granted for unflinchingly indicting meth’s ruin upon the lives it touches both unsuspectingly and directly.

These are the all-too-real faces of not so much a drug as a plague. Its addictive stranglehold does not discriminate. It does not relent. It does not bide its time. It never truly dies.

Never take it lightly. If you know someone in the grip of meth addiction, then we hope as we could hope for nothing else in this world that this photo set compels you to no action except to plea with them to seek help.Horrors Of Methamphetamine

Source – Rehabs


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