New ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ Trailer Screams a Hell Of A Good Time

So, yeah, the evil dead are back at it again. They say you can’t keep a good zombie down, and when the undead abound in your part of the world, then you best hope ‘one’ man will rise to the butt-kicking zombie occasion. Well, the evil dead are back and Ash is that man.

The new trailer is out for the ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead, and it looks like a scary, action pack zombie/undead thriller with… humor. Basically, it’s dark humor with grey hues.

If you like Bruce Campell’s unique sarcastic humor, and you’re into the whole or partial zombie scene, then you will enjoy a good laugh and scare. Ash Vs Evil Dead is scheduled for a Halloween release, and for those who are fans of Ash and the evil dead or just the ‘dead’, you can expect a hell of a good time.


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