New Apple TV Is Here. What Can You Expect?

Siri-Integrated tvOS A Giant Leap For A Brand-Wired Living Room

The day has arrived when the age-old “Mac or PC” dichotomy has transcended comparing and contrasting desktop commputers and laptops to a synergy race to integrate an entire living room entertainment setup within a single platform. Bringing it with it the advent of Apple’s tvOS, the newest-generation Apple TV meshes the premiering operating system with Siri intelligent assistance to create a “smart TV” experience tailored to accommodate TV viewers’ love affairs with their apps.

Let’s face it, cord-cutters personalize their viewing habits and experiences to exacting tastes with platforms from all-tastes-encompassing streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu to exclusive on-demand network platforms such as HBO Now and WatchESPN. The newest Apple TV and tvOS are conceived as the ultimate tools in shaping how and when users take in the shows they love. Everything hinges on Apple TV’s cohesion with iPhone and iPad utilities and creating working cogs between all the branded devices that synch them up to work together in perfect time.

Please forgive a bit of a Tolkien fetish, but Apple has forged one remote to rule them all. The brand-new Siri Remote can take a recommendation such as, “Find me a crime drama” and explore not just network listings, but iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, SHOWTIME or HBO to present some options from each or simply launch a preferred individual app. It’s a long-desired end to personally perusing one individual app’s library after another to find just you’re craving. Let it come as no surprise as well that the Siri Remote doesn’t so much emphasize the push of a button as a thumb on the Touch surface to gently navigate each screen’s menu smoothly and intuitively.

Coming soon to a fully Apple-assimilated living room near you, the new Apple TV is slated to open at a $149 price point.

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New Apple TV

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