New Apple Mac Scented Candle Smells Fills Fanboys Homes With More Mac Love

The sense of smell is more influential than people realize, the brain uses it to stimulate body functions, and as a means to record and store memories. You may notice this when you smell fragrances or other type of smells that evoke old memories, such as a certain home cooked meal, a new car smell, the perfume smell of a first love, and yes, even the smell of a new Apple Mac computer.

For many people, an Apple Mac computer is their first love… of computers, as many kids grew up using Macintosh computers in school. The smell of a new Mac computer can bring back a lot of wonderful memories from childhood, and, it just smells good – a new computer.

As crazy as it sounds, there is now a candle that smells ‘just’ like a new Apple Mac computer, it’s true, true love that would inspire someone to actually make a candle that smells like a new computer. With that being said, it does smell good.

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Just like opening a new mac, only much cheaper

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