Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation Is More Intuitive, Conscientious Than Ever

The Summer of 2015 has sadly come to its end. With a typically bitter, unpredictable winter awaiting many in the coming months, make a resolution now for the year to come: get acquainted with the brilliant third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat and give your energy usage less thought than ever over the next 12 months.

The crux of Nest’s appeal is that it takes only a week of regular interactive use after its easy installation to self-program and optimize your home’s efficient energy usage. The third generation of intuitive thermostats slims down Nest’s design for a sleeker body with the biggest, clearest display yet. The brand-new Farsight function lights up to display the time and your personally set temperature in your choice of a digital or analog clock face that’s easy to read from clear across a room.

Over its initial week of use, it observes when you dial the temperature down, when you warm things up, and even when you’re away from home. After that little get-to-know-you period, it syncs your home’s HVAC to your lifestyle’s tempo right down to the Auto-Away setting to turn itself down while no one is home.

Best of all, the Nest mobile app lays out your home’s heating and cooling energy usage at a convenient, clear glance in Home Report to show you just how much your brilliant intelligent thermostat is saving you each day of the week and make optimization suggestions to save even more. When you’re away from home, you can even adjust your home’s temperature at will to either cool it down or cozy it up before you and your family return. Your Nest thermostat will even reward you with a pleasingly displayed leaf when you tune it to a temperature it determines will reduce your energy consumption and offer tips that could save significant money.

Nest is also a keen safety watchdog. If your furnace experiences a malfunction or temperatures dip to a range that threatens bursting pipes, it sends your phone an alert requesting your action. By pairing your thermostat with a Nest Protect unit, it can automatically shut off your furnace when Nest Protect informs it of a CO leak. It can also turn off fans when Nest Protect detects smoke in the house.

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