NES Paul Guitar Is Ready To Rock Mario’s Socks Off

Veteran devout gamers allow their passion for play to seep into every other nerdy passion we can. We are effectively responsible for the rise of an entire genre rooted in the unmistakably charming 8-bit sounds that erupted from Nintendo’s pioneering NES console and became the hymns of our childhood Saturday and Sunday mornings. Etsy entrepreneur DoniGuitars didn’t so much seek to capture the hearts and minds of chiptune devotees who can’t get enough of songs that hearken to the overworld theme from “The Legend of Zelda” or the Level 1 tune from “Castlevania” as craft a “traditional” (generally speaking, anyway) instrument that would look more at home being played by members of Starbomb, Ninja Sex Party, The Warp Zone, or other non-chiptune masters of video game parody.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the six-string that made us bury our classic “Guitar Hero” axes in our “Rock Band” kit’s bass drum and set out to learn the ways of a real instrument – the NES Paul.

DoniGuitars handpicked NES bodies in surprisingly excellent condition, some pristine enough to have believably just emerged from their boxes. Feel free to order each instrument either in its classic blank grey or custom-decorated with the iconic Nintendo heroes of your choice. Each NES Paul comes ready to play straight out of the box, just like any other traditional instrument, but preparing every instrument to immediately become a nostalgic nerdy musician’s new best friend comes at the cost of meticulous craftsmanship. The NES Paul is currently subject to a three-month maximum waiting list for each order, although it’s always worth asking about a priority order is an upcoming special date makes time a factor. Just keep in mind, the sooner ahead of the occasion you can submit an order, the more likely DoniGuitars can accommodate a shorter timetable.

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