Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Asks, Why Just Shoot One Thing When You Could Fire ALL OF THE THINGS?

The more we play with an ever-advancing array of Nerf weaponry, the less compelled we feel to turn to hours on end playing “Overwatch” and “Doom” to quell our passion for absurd armaments. The Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike just might be our pinnacle of versatile foamy firepower and an end to toting a sidearm at all.

We have nothing against advanced blasters that rain down darts in a seemingly ceaseless stream or other oversized guns that serve as whole armies until themselves. Make no mistake, those have their place on the battlefield. Then again, the two-and-a-half-foot Modulus Tri-Strike packs Elite darts, MEGA darts and MEGA Missile ammo to rule close-quarters encounters as decisively as it dominates wide-open outdoor combat.

The single-barrel handgun-like Elite dart blaster makes up the backbone of the Modulus Tri-Strike’s assault talents. Its default function fires off one shot from its 10-dart clip at a time, but its slam-fire action also offers the option to shotgun the entire clip in a rapid burst. With the included barrel extension, you switch to peppering your adversaries with one MEGA dart at a time for longer-range shots that call for a rifle with some serious reach. The handy integrated compartment in the bottom of the gun stores up to four extra MEGA darts for handy reloading.

Then again, you occasionally need to make one hell of a statement all at once. When you need to get your point across loud and clear, the MEGA Missile launcher normally mounts like a scope atop the Modulus Tri-Strike for a sudden three-shot blast of “heavy” artillery – well, as heavy as foam gets, anyway. If that proves too frustrating to aim decently, the MEGA Missile launcher can also attach directly to the stock after removing blaster and function as a stripped-down standalone handheld weapon.

Given the Tri-Strike’s compatibility with a cornucopia of upgrade kits within the Modulus system, Nerf claims this three-in-one juggernaut can be modified into more than a thousand different combinations. There’s no intimidation quite like deadly innovation.

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