Nerf Battle Racer Stows Four Nerf Blasters For Mad Max-Like Furious Assaults

Screw this “Aw, why couldn’t I have had this when I was a kid?” mularkey. I want an adult-sized Battle Racer and my own personal arsenal of three to four Nerf blasters to tote in it. Get on this, Hauck Toys.

This pedal-powered Go-Kart stores a pair of blasters up front within quick reach and a fast-reloading clip system between them for a little backup ammo in a pinch. Two rear slings behind the driver’s seat holster two more blasters for even more versatile assaults. Since driving and shooting is a lot more dicey in real life than in “Twisted Metal” or “Halo: Combat Evolved”, we recommend making use of the handbrake to stop on a dime and unleash foamy hell.

Here’s hoping there’s a reasonable price adjustment before the Battle Racer hits the United States: Amazon has it presently listed for around $600.

Nerf Battle Racer (2)Nerf Battle Racer (6)Nerf Battle Racer (5)Nerf Battle Racer (4)Nerf Battle Racer (3)Nerf Battle Racer (7)Source – Gizmodo  via The Awesomer

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Playtime Brings Mobile Destruction To All Who Play

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