Nerdiest Nerd Clock Ever Made. Geeks Rejoice…In Time

This is a clock that is designed solely for nerds and which is comprised entirely of pop culture references where each of the hours would normally go. So instead of ’12’ and ‘3’ which have frankly been overdone, you instead have random seeming references like ‘Wizard Tournament’.

But there is a method to the madness. You see these aren’t just random references there for the sake of looking nerdy – they’re actually clever puns/puzzles that you can work out in order to work out what the time is supposed to be. Though to be fair you can also sort of work it out just by the position (12 is at the top…).

This way you can test your friends and see just how many nerdy references they get.

Take a look and see if you can work out what they are without looking below. If not, then clearly you are not nerdy enough. Sort it out…

Here is the breakdown of the twisted logic of the nerdy clock:

1=Commander Riker, on Star Trek, The Next Generation. Captain Picard frequently called him #1.
2=How many Star Wars droids the Stormtroopers were looking for, i.e. C3PO and R2D2
3=How many wizards are traditionally in the TriWizard Tournament in Harry Potter
4=The number of kings and queens in Narnia
5=While this was the second movie released, Empire Strikes Back is actually episode V (let’s hope they don’t do more prequels)
6=The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy solution to the question, What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? 42 (6 times 7 equals that)
7=The number of Horcruxes Harry Potter needed to find in order to defeat Voldemort
8=Exterminate(8) is the favorite word of the Daleks in Dr. Who
9=How many rings were given to Men in Lord of the Rings
10=Ten Forward is the lounge on the Enterprise in ST:TNG
11=No decent hobbit would miss elevensies, right after second breakfast
12=The number of Doctors in Doctor Who (we won’t go into a discussion about that 13th doctor in the 50th Anniversary Special)

Get it?


Nerd Clock Side

Nerd Clock Back

Nerdiest Nerd Clock

Geek Clock

Source – Technabob via ETSY


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