Neon Photography Is Beautifully Electrifying Digital Art

Russian Photographer Slava Thisset Dives Deeply Into The Bright Beauty Of Neon

The most imaginative visual artists leave little “wasted motion” in their works. Intuitive designers make frugal use even of white space to draw attention to the intended focal points.

This conceptual neon photography set by acclaimed Russian photographer Slava Thisset succeeds in two endeavors: drawing the eye to delicate, subtle luminous accents that pop the more flourescently themselves with some artful digital enhancement and complementing the more bare elements around them. Some of the images are haunting. Some of them, exotic. All of them display an adherence to the truth of composition that the whole is often so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Art imitating life? We like to think so – just with more pretty body painting and great lighting.

Source – Fubiz via Behance

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Totally Retro 80's Fun

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