Nebia Shower Is The Aerospace-Engineered Shower System We Never Knew We Needed

If you can dream it, from boldly imaginative movies, music and video games to one great man’s faith in his life-changing superior potato salad, you have at least a fifty-fifty chance of finding enthusiastic backers online willing and able to crowd-fund a hazy-but-promising vision.

When no less than Apple CEO Tim Cook is so enthused by the social ramifications of your working prototypes that he hits the ground running to invest a cool $1 million, your Kickstarter pitch has struck a powerful chord, indeed.

Meet Nebia, “a significantly superior shower experience in each and every sense.” Five years of exhaustive aerospace engineering research and development of multiple prototypes has yielded a fully self-installed shower system with a Kickstarter campaign currently destroying its initial $100,000 goal with $1,036,767 raised as of Noon MT on Aug. 12. Oh, and the campaign doesn’t close for another 29 days.

Five years. Think about that. Around the time Nebia first twinkled in its developers’ eyes, Steve Jobs was still running Apple and many of us were still readying our “farewells” to Lost and 24.

Today, Nebia is all grown up and promising to pay for itself in under two years by slashing – or, as the case would literally be here, atomizing – 70% of the average household’s shower-based water usage. The portable wand’s proprietary H2MICRO™ leaves behind cleaner and more thoroughly hydrated skin by dispensing tiny, atomized water droplets by the millions across a surface ten times larger than any traditional shower head can cover.

The very first Nebia shower wands are tentatively estimated to reach the Kickstarter fund’s 3,000-plus backers circa May 2016. The campaign page currently lists only one backer set to receive 40 Nebias (combined retail value: $15,960) with gratitude for a $10,000 pledge.

Not sure who that could be.

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