Navdy Augmented Driving Device Reinvents the Driving Experience

If you have trouble sometimes getting around town, or navigating out of town, then you know how helpful GPS systems are. Well, now you can say goodbye to your navigation troubles with Navdy – an Augmented Driving device that effectively utilizes AR (augmented reality) technology to project a transparent image of the road ahead.

Information and driving directions using Google maps are displayed visually in the driver’s line-of-sight, but is not a distraction. This new navigation and driving aid recognizes hand gestures to answer calls, view messages, play music, and announces vehicle information, such as when you are low on gas or engine oil.

What really makes Navdy special is that it effectively brings together the way people interact with their vehicles, by using a Head-Up Display (HUD), and their smartphones, while driving, safely.







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Driving got a whole lot safer and more fun

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