NASA’s Ice Cold Towel Cools Your Sweaty Summer Sentiments

Not everyone can take the summer heat. Sure you can adjust to the heat over time, but it doesn’t mean you’re not miserable. If you’re not acclimated to the warm temperatures or simply wish winter could be a year-round season, then you’ve probably tried a number of solutions that are underwhelming.
Getting a fan in your room can help to circulate the air, but what about when you’re working out or out an about? Drinking water helps to cool the body too, but that only lasts for so long. You may be surprised that our nation’s space-bound organization may have just figured out a viable solution.
NASA has created ice cold towels that don’t need to be refrigerated to cool you down. Once you wet the towel and shake it, you’ll be enjoying 20 degrees lighter than room temperature. Beat that heat.

Source – Gadgeteer


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