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Nanotips Turns Boring Gloves Into Touchscreen Gloves In Minutes

For those of us blessed with the kind of fall and winter climes that mirror the rest of the United States’ springtime temps, snow is blissfully someone else’s problem.

Fortunately, for the rest who curse a seasonal ongoing juggling act of shucking gloves or mittens in frostbitten-digits cold just to operate any device’s touchscreen, there’s Nanotips.

Allow five minutes for the durable, waterproof black liquid solution to dry on the fingertips of leather, rubber, Gortex, neoprene or even kevlar gloves, and you have 2-4 weeks of all-weather touchscreen gloves equipped to dance across any tablet, smartphone or smartwatch.

The conductive polyamide nano solutions are the first of their kind to so successfully imitate human touch that touchscreen’s can’t tell the difference. Your devices remain perfectly responsive to all thicker materials and unharmed by interacting with the Nanotips themselves.

Better still, each bottle is good for more than 30 applications formulated and tested to survive nature’s most extreme wet and cold conditions. The nanoparticles interlink together in minutes and refuse to let go of their newly formed grid-like film. Just apply from each knuckle all the way to the edge of each fingertip and either let them air-dry or speed up the process to under a minute by using a hairdryer.



$19.99 Buy Here
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