Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lighting Panels Unleash Creativity In Any Room

When buying lights for the home or office, it can be a tricky decision-making process because whatever light you choose will be with you for a while. Having a light that can adapt physically to your needs – a light that can affect the mood of a room, has been a wish come true, with the Mood Light.

Lighting is ‘everything’, without it people can’t see what they are doing, however, the fact that lighting alters the mood of a space has made it a very integral part of movie making, theater houses, commercial buildings and residential homes. And now, with the Mood Light, you can change not only the physical arrangement of LED light panels to fit you design themes, but you can also change the colors of the lights to give you that groovy feel you’re after.

LED panels are interlocking, which gives you a lot of creative freedom to join them together in a way that is appealing and serves your lighting needs. Using an app, you can program each light panel with a unique color and combine them however you desire, and then save the settings for quick use later.

Customizable lighting is here, interlocking LED panels that can display whatever colors you want. Change the color scheme to fit your mood, it’s simple to use, and you can add as many panels as you want, the only limit is your wall space.











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Customize lighting in any room and unleash your creativity

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