Mystic Pint Glass Is The Only Spirit Guide We Need When Drinking

As human beings, we’re inexorably drawn to unravel life’s most unknowable answers. Why are we here? What awaits when we die? Were we really adopted? Dad didn’t really “go around the corner for beer and Fritos” 20 years ago and get lost, did he, Mommy?

We were always full of questions at 1 a.m. when we would split Mommy’s six-pack of PBR. “The answer is at the bottom of that bottle,” she’d tell us on those lonely Monday nights. We would give anything to be eight years old again.

Fortunately, the Mystic Pint Glass is a far more original, saucy sage. This wise polystyrene vessel always tops off every sip of suds with a wise, prophetic kernel of prudence. After all, there’s never a bad time for someone to suggest we make brownies. It’s a regular looking pint glass for your beer, except once you get to the bottom , you’ll be rewarded with a fortune of Yes or No. So question is, shall I have another. YES! Will I wake up with a huge hangover? YES!

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I See Your Future Holds A Big Hangover

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