MyPhaser StunGun Is Disguised As A Smartphone With 10 Million Volts

While there are many new products that come onto the market, for every type of industry, few are truly original and unique. For example, phasers are increasing in popularity, especially in cities where gun ownership is limited or unavailable. While there are countless varieties of phasers to choose from, that range in power and design, they all look very similar and readily identifiable – they look like phasers.

That is the only real reason why people don’t carry them as much as they want to, because they would look like a person carrying a weapon. But not anymore. What if you could carry a phaser for your protection, without anyone batting an eye at it? Well, that is exactly what MyPhaser is, a stealth phaser.

Imagine carrying your smartphone while you walk, knowing that it isn’t a smartphone like everyone thinks, but a powerful non-lethal method to knockdown an attacker with a charge of electricity. However, unlike cheaper, less powerful models, this one is military grade and delivers enough volts (up to 10 million volts) to knockdown even the largest of men, leaving anyone unconscious for up to 30 minutes; plenty of time to call the police and walk away, unharmed.

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