Mushroom Backpack To Be Everyone’s Favorite Fungi…Even Mario

Alright, so this Mushroom Backpack isn’t exactly a husky rucksack equipped for a trek across the most mountainous reaches of Mario and Luigi’s backyard, but it’s a comfortably adjustable backpack fit for all ages and accommodating of just about any everyday item anybody could need to haul around all the live-long day.

In fact, it just happens to comply with airport hand-luggage regulations as a carry-on. As a bonus, forget that “Well, many bags do look alike…” crap, as this cute Bag of Holding is mighty distinctive. The inside especially fragile or important valuables in either a mesh divider or a Velcro pocket for more secure travel befitting an iPod, phone, or anything else that no one would want rolling and tumbling loosely at the bottom of a backpack.

The Mushroom Backpack: make life a trip. mushroom-backpack 3mushroom-backpack 2mushroom-backpack 1

Mushroom Backpack
Mushroom Backpack


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Even a Koopa could love.

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