Mushion Face Cushion Invites People To Sit On Your Face

Who doesn’t like cushions? Who doesn’t like sitting on their best friends face? Finally the two have been merged without risk of getting into a fight or going to jail.

What’s wrong with cushions today? Most cushions are designed around a room’s theme, taking into consideration the couch or chair they will be placed. If you’re a bedroom dweller – someone who likes to lounge around and cuddle constantly, then cushions are a big part of your daily life. There are all types of cushions; cushions for every type of person, they are not just for hardcore bedroom dwellers, but for coach potatoes as well. But what if there was a special cushion that was designed instead around a person, like a Mushion? What’s a Mushion?

A Mushion is a new type of cushion, it is custom designed with a person’s face printed on the cushion, Mushion. The Mushion invites people sit on your face effectively squish a person’s face, distorting it in an amusing way. Why do this to your face, or the face of someone you know? Why not? Mushions are a great gift idea for when you want to let others know how you perceive them, just for laughs.

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