Munchtime T-Rex Chomping Chopsticks Beats the Eats With Teeth

Everyone knows we were not the first form of life on this planet. Whether you’ve seen the adventures of Professor Cutter in Primeval evade the most dangerous of dinosaurs or have a love for the purple codependent T-Rex, dinosaurs continue to amaze us. Did you know dinosaurs have been known to love sushi?

We as humans like to have a link to the past, and dinosaurs go back millions of years. Whether you eat meat or not, you can still munch like a true carnivore with Fred & Friend’s Munchtime T-Rex Chopsticks. Easier to use than your standard chopstick, these babies are supported by a spring mechanism that even the most clumsy-fingered individual can use. Plus it makes dinner fun when you’re forcing the kids to eat veggie fried rice.

MUNCHTIME T-Rex chomping chopsticks (3)MUNCHTIME T-Rex chomping chopsticks (2)MUNCHTIME T-Rex chomping chopsticks (4)

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