Moving Inkblot Rorschach Mug Serves Up Our Coffee With A Side Of Controversial Psychoanalytic Pseudoscience

Something just might be wrong with the Rorschach Mug we gave our boss for his birthday.

“What do you see?” some jackass with a death wish will ask him around 8 a.m., holding the white cup just out of his reach as the steamy beverage within causes the symmetrical black “inkblot” to shift its shape before his eyes.

Here’s the thing: he always sees the same thing.

“The next corpse I’ll stack in my septic tank, if you don’t give me back my coffee,” he always says.

Make every piping morning pick-me-up a plunge into subconscious interpretation with this dynamic cup inspired by Swiss psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach’s pioneering 1921 illustrations purported to reflect changes in the ever-malleable human psyche based on what each individual projects onto each image. It just might say as much about your relationship with your mother and desire to eat Cocoa Puffs out of her bra as it does about your morning jones for steam-belching infusions of caffeine.

The image should transform before your eyes within about 30 seconds of adding your hot drink of choice. It should last until the mug starts to cool after downing the last drop. With proper care, the heat-changing elements should last forever. However, although your Rorschach Mug is microwave-safe, running it through a dishwasher’s high temperatures will almost assuredly wreak havoc on the heat-sensitive outer glaze.

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