Motion-Activated Under The Bed Light Gets Rid of That Boogeyman for Good!

Nightly sleep patterns having you exiled like a leper by your roommates? Too ashamed to admit you’re still afraid of the dark? Shh, we’ll never tell.

Check out this motion-activated under the bed light. Do you grasp around like a blind man in the dark at night? Stop trippin’! Whenever your feeling like an insomniac, this easy to install device will light up when your feet hit the ground. Mylight is timed and only quits when your done shuffling around like a zombie. So stop looking for that light switch! You’ve got backup.

Still believe Beelzebub has a devil put aside for you? Dismiss your delusions from the fifth dimension with a quick swipe of your hand or foot. Boogey-who?

Bed Light
Motion-Activated Under The Bed Light 2
Motion-Activated Light
Under The Bed Light
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