Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg Comes Alive To Impregnate Your Face

Fans of the ‘Alien’ movie franchise are in for a horrific surprise when they discover this motion activated Alien storage egg is up for grabs! Next to Humpty Dumpty, the Alien egg is legendary, but you don’t have to break it open because it will open as soon as a potential host for the infamous Xenomorph embryo comes near.

Just wave your hand over the egg and it will slowly open, as if alive, just like in the movies. To add to the realism, it emits and eerie green glow when opening, leaving you standing there for a moment contemplating if an Alien is going to spring out if you look inside the egg?

At 56 cm tall when fully opened, powered by batteries or USB, this is a very unique storage container that makes the perfect gift for any fan of sci-fi horror movies.

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In Your Home, No One Can Hear You Scream

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