Mopet Robot Vacuum Cleaner Shows What Happens When a Toilet and Tribble Procreate

Fully automated robots may not be a thing of the present, but surely when you think of robotic icons like WALL-E, KITT from Knight Rider, or the Energizer Bunny, surely your heart melts. These robots aren’t known for being perfect, they’re just cute.

You’ve probably seen ads for our own versions of home-cleaning robots like the iRobot or Neato Botvac, but if you just wanted some cold machine to do your dirty work you would call the inlaws. For lovers of all things cute, Japan Trend Shop has created the Mopet Microfiber Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner that oddly looks like a mix between a toilet lid and a tribble.

Despite its odd appearance, this device is customizable in that you can give it a face as well as release fragrance as it operates for freshness. Looks like someone finally found a use for tribbles.


Mop Robots 3 Mop Robots 2 Mop Robots 1


Source – JapanTrendShop

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