Moon Ring Blasts A Celestial Gift Of Farts To Your One True Love

Anyone who has ever experienced a cohabitating adult relationship has encountered that ultimate test of two people’s comfort with one another: can you fart in front of your lovey-dovey schmoopy candy-crotch without shame? If you’ve crossed that Rubicon, The Moon Ring has an all-new litmus test to take the measure of your honey-butt’s devotion.

Suppose you were to take a knee before the one who makes your heart mambo. As tears shimmer in your fonfon ru’s eyes, you present a small cubic box. The love of your life gasps and babbles and squeels unintelligibly as you profess your immortal devotion. Then you open it, and…


A ring bearing a naked ass cuts one right under your shipoopi’s nose.

If your ring farts and your lover runs, it was never meant to be. If your fellow knocker of boots stands tall, then you are truly soulmates until the seas boil, the grass burns, the sky itself catches fire, and YouTube commentators buy the world a Coke.

(NOTE: The fart is just a noise. It emits no aroma. If you want to give the gift of genuine apple-farts, you’re on your own.)




Source – TheMoonRing

8.5 Total Score
Don't be an ass, give your loved one some gas

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