Moon Lamp Brings Color Changing Tranquility Home From Space

Like all good geeks, we wear our nerdy passions on our sleeves and let our love science shine brightly as the most luminous Heavenly bodies.

Just how brightly, you ask? Well, gee, how about lighting up our workspace with this Moon Lamp from Firebox, for starters? How does THAT bake your ziti?

Sadly, the real moon orbiting our beautiful blue third rock from the sun lacks the capacity to change colors nightly to lend a little extra vibrance to its enchanting tranquility. Fortunately, our Moon Lamp is neither secretly an unhatched alien egg (sorry, Whovians) nor on a three-day collision course with the planet, ala THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: MAJORA’S MASK.

Somehow, we’re sure that the math of that statement works out to “Advantage, Moon Lamp”.

OK, here’s one little factoid that has us calling this comparison a draw: this wireless battery-powered (three AAA batteries not included) lamp and our beguiling moon’s real lunar surface both feature the footprint of legendary American astronaut Neil Armstrong.

That’s one giant leap for home decor.


Moon Lamp
Moon Lamp
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