Moodo Smart Air Freshener Controlled By Your Smartphone Make Rooms Smell Awesome

Scents have an amazing natural effect on humans, and with the right smells you can feel like you are somewhere else. The smell of pine can make you feel like you’re in a pine tree forest, or the smells of the ocean can make you feel like you’re at the beach.

What if you had the special ability to create your own unique smells that you could release into your home? Yeah, that would be very cool, and you can do just that with the new home fragrance box from Moodo – a company that specializes in fragrances.

The fragrance box is truly unique in that it allows you to concoct a truly unique scent using a mixture of affordable reusable cartridges, in fact, the company says that more than 40,000 scents can be created by mixing fragrances that you can buy for their fragrance box.

Also, like most new products today, it is a smart device that you can control using an Android or iOS device. Mix your fragrances, and then set the time to unleash your magical scent into your home, to set the mood.

If you believe you’ve created a truly special smell, you can share your recipe with your friends. If you want to take your sense of smell to the next fragrance level, then Moodo is for you.

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Take full control of your home's ambiance by mixing and matching the entire scent spectrum.

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