Moo Mixer Supreme Mixes You a Permanent Milk Mustache

You may be a fan of guzzling chocolate milk like your life depends on it, but getting the perfect mix is a fine art that’s hard to master. Don’t have a beef with your inadequate mugs, syrups, and mixes, get moovin’ with a personal mixer that’ll keep those lactose-craving taste buds at ease.

Old habits die hard, and whether you were a milk-guzzling fiend when you were little or simply crave that thick tasty chocolate syrup, HogWild has you covered with their Moo Mixer Supreme. This 16 oz mug is battery operated by AA batteries and is easy to handle with a detachable clear tumbler. It’s also dishwasher safe, but we bet you’ll be rinsing it out for a second round once you start using the mixing action for perfect chocolate milk.

Goodbye poorly executed milk drinks, hello permanent milk mustache!

Moo Mixer Supreme Moo Mixer Supreme Moo Mixer Supreme Moo Mixer Supreme

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