MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL Rings In Its 40th Birthday On Blu-ray. With A Catapult.

We will forever and ever honor and obey Netflix – if for no other reason, then because The Netflix giveth ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, HO– — USE OF CARDS, DAREDEVIL and BOJACK HORSEMAN and if the disappearance of any beloved movie or TV show from its streaming lineup after it has sat in our queues unwatched for months has taught us anything, it’s that the Great and Powerful Reed Hastings giveth few f***s when The Netflix taketh away.

There are certain great, satisfying joys in ownership, such as laying siege to Chairman Meow’s naptime with the working cow catapult gifted with the 40th Anniversary MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL box set. You can play with your Funko Monty Python Figures while watching the movie if you so desire.

40th Anniversary Python Holy Grail Box Set (1)

Come, now. When have the antics of the Pythons ever failed to leave you irresistibly compelled to wreak some silly, unnecessary havoc? Well, behold, your outlet. After you’ve basked in the classic hijinks of King Arthur and his most-inept Knights of the Round Table running down the Holy Grail in the face of one killer rabbit, the sexually repressed and antsy nuns of Castle Anthrax and (naturally) bovine-launching hostile French castle guards, try something completely different. Load up the included medieval catapult with a sacrificial cow or whatever else you may have laying about (we recommend the McDonald’s talking MINIONS toys, personally – especially one with a potty mouth) and let whatever bakes your ziti fly.

Oh, and just in case you actually bought this wonderful toy to watch a movie along with the working catapult and included pack of toy cows (weirdo), this fantastic Blu-ray rings in the comedy classic’s 40th birthday in fine style:

  • Reflective letters from co-directors Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones
  • 2015 Tribeca Film Festival Q&A with the surviving Pythons, hosted by John Oliver
  • Commentary tracks hosted by Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, and Michael Palin
  • Terry Jones introduces outtakes and extended scenes
  • Terry Gilliam presents HOLY GRAIL’s lost animations
  • HOW TO — — USE YOUR COCONUTS (AN EDUCATIONAL FILM)40th Anniversary Python Holy Grail Box Set (1)


Source – Gizmodo

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