Monster Crabs Exist! You’ll Never Sleep Again

The coconut crab is a land based relative of the hermit crab. Only, much, MUCH bigger. We never heard of these things before, but, we do like coconuts, so they couldn’t be that dangerous right? in your dreams… I mean.. NIGHTMARES

These monsters can grow up to 3 feet wide and an incredible 10 pounds. Now that’s a big dinner. Not only are they huge, but they can live as long as 60 years, so if you’re trapped on an island with them, don’t think they’re going away anytime soon. During their stay with you, don’t think they eat just coconuts (which they got their name from). These creatures are friggin CANNIBALS. That’s right. They eat their friends. Who wouldn’t if you get hungry enough right?


So, you’re trapped on this island with them, and a  heard? of these things are coming your way. “Ohhh, there’s a tree over there. I’ll just climb up there to escape.” WRONG. These can CLIMB FRIGGIN TREES!! Ironically enough, they can’t swim so your best option is to go for a swim. Just watch out for the sharks. But seriously. These things have been known to chase down chickens and kittens. Mew! Mew!

Fortunately for us, they can only be found on islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and, usually don’t present a problem for humans. Unless I suppose you choke on one during dinner.

Source BoredomTherapy

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