Monkey Light Pro Bike Wheel Lights Visuals You’ll Go Bananas Over

Since as early as the 1810’s, the first forms of the bicycle have been used to traverse the globe. The Germans, Scottish, and finally the French improved upon the earlier models into some semblance of what we see today. If you think this old invention is falling behind the times, think again.
A company called Monkeylectric is reinventing the age-old tradition with their successful Kickstarter product the Monkey Light Pro. This modified bike has a wheel display system that’ll display a number of images and animations while you ride. The system is waterproof and designed to handle the most roughest of city streets. You can even create a playlist of graphics to display wirelessly.

Though this modified bike system has nothing to do with our ape counterparts, the visuals will have you going bananas.

Monkeylectric Bike Wheel Lights 10Monkeylectric Bike Wheel Lights 11Monkeylectric Bike Wheel Lights 1Monkeylectric Bike Wheel Lights 6Monkeylectric Bike Wheel Lights 7Monkeylectric Bike Wheel Lights 4Monkeylectric Bike Wheel Lights 2Monkeylectric Bike Wheel Lights 8Monkeylectric Bike Wheel Lights 3Monkeylectric Bike Wheel Lights 9Monkeylectric Bike Wheel Lights 5





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