Molten Lava Diabolical Guitar Rains Hot Metal Across Tristram

Forged from the hell fire spewed up from Satan’s lair, this will surely play the devils music.

Your six-string chops may melt faces, but the heat rising off Hutchinson’s Molten Diabolic guitar well melt the most calloused fingertips in all of Tristram.

Stay a while and listen to the hottest, sweetest tones ever coaxed from an Ibanez Mahogany body. This ax inspired by Blizzard Entertainment’s bestselling DIABLO III comes outfitted with a standard five-way switch wiring layout:

  • Neck Humbucker
  • Neck Parallel
  • Neck + Bridge Humbucker
  • Bridge Humbucker
  • Neck + Bridge coil tapped

The layout is supported by Dimarsio Evolution Bridge and Fred Neck pickups, stainless steel saddles, and annealed stainless steel/black chrome hardware along a Prestige maple neck with a 24-fret Rosewood fretboard sporting a rare DIABLO III-inspired inlay.

The Molten Diabolic reimagines Hutchinson’s own Molten Lava design with the mystical and formidable Black Soulstone itself and a handcarved lava flow, all lit be a recessed LED array. A quick-release box set into the back of the guitar’s body holds the 9v battery powering your lights for fast, easy replacement as needed.

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This Guitar is HOT HOT HOT!!!

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