Mokulock Wooden Building Blocks Are Old-Timey Legos Lincoln Would’ve Loved

Sometimes, creativity just comes naturally.

Mokulock Wooden Building Blocks are bound to look and feel pretty familiar – essentially, you’re looking at old-timey-looking Legos that couldn’t strip building down to any more bare necessities:no toxic glues, paints or materials of any kind – nothing more than the classic Lego brick design immaculately carved from six types of wood in each set.

Instead of varied colors, each 48-block set contains Mokulock bricks shaped from 100% solid Japanese cherry, Japanese bigleaf magnolia, maple, hornbeam, birch, or Japanese zelkova. Their pure hardwood materials also guarantee far greater durability over plastic Lego pieces and the versatility to let imaginations run wild with functional stationary objects, sculptures, and anything else a creative mind can brew.

All the possibilities of play, none of the inorganic materials.

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