Mistletoe Selfie Stick Let’s You Reel In Some Smoochin’ This Holiday Season

Itching to get holly-jolly this season, but lack the smooth moves to maneuver your crush under the greenery for a smooch? The Mistletoe Extending Selfie stick lets you entrap that special someone who sugars your cookie or candies your cane from roughly double an arm’s reach of 30 inches away.

That’s right, the selfie stick isn’t just for indulging your social media narcissism anymore. This extendable pole lets you dangle mistletoe aloft everywhere you go like some kind of desperate, horny Lakitu until the most prized fish in the sea is in your sights. Ladies, by no means should you fear that nerdy guy who wanders an office party with his pole out. At least, not this pole.

You see, here’s the bright side: in the event he turns out to be some lecherous dorkus whose hands have all the gentle subtlety of a carnival crane game’s claw, you can always reach up, grab the Mistletoe Extending Selfie Stick, and dish out some season’s beatings to wrap up the point that he should really go elsewhere to light up his Yule log.

When Arm’s Reach Is A Little Too Close!

Source – BigMouthInc

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