Mistletoe Drone Is The Yuletide Aerial Assault Weapon Of The Year

Hammacher Schlemmer, you do great things. Terrible things – but great things. We just aren’t sure our holly-jolly world is ready for mobile mistletoe by drone.

Let’s just say, Unique Hunters strongly advises against handing The Mistletoe Drone over to the office Christmas party-goers who end up face-down in the egg nog not passed out, but breathing comfortably through a snorkel. Failure to heed this warning will likely result in either someone getting clocked between the eyes by drunkenly piloted festive greenery or spreading around holiday “cheer” to the consequence of slaps, restraining orders, mandatory sexual harassment seminars, baby-making, or several possible combinations.

On the other hand….

Between the indoor line-of-sight operation and fine control of digital directional control and proportional throttle by way of the infrared remote, it would really be nothing to max out up to 20 independently controlled airborne mistletoe at once with no radio interference. Since this toy gets up to five minutes of continuous flight from one full 30-minute charge of the battery, that’s enough time for a briefly chaotic free-for-all of hanky panky and awkward break room looks that will last for months.

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Infuse Christmas parties with unrestrained Yuletide mirth

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