Mission Critical Baby Carrier Brings Spy Daddies Out of Retirement

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is changing poopie diapers and not sleep for a full year.

Not everybody can be an international man of mystery, but if you’ve been following the adventures of Ethan Hunt and his impossible missions, then you’re probably amped up for Rogue Nation. This is the newest installment of the franchise and is set to release this Friday.

In this continuation of the spy thriller series, Ethan and his allies must battle a group of ex-operatives known as the Syndicate. Will they survive this comparable group of deadly individuals? Whether they do or not, let’s be realistic. If you can carry out dangerous missions like Ethan Hunt, you’ve probably been visited by the stork from charming all those beautiful ladies.

You may be settled down, but the smart spy daddy is always ready to go. The Mission Critical baby carrier ensures that you’ll escape danger at every turn. Made from military-grade materials and constructed by only the most thorough experts, this carrier is complemented by a daypack, backpack, and messenger diaper bag that’s also in the product line. Even the most impossible of unsafe missions can’t compare to this gear.Mission Critical Baby Carrier 3Mission Critical Baby Carrier 7Mission Critical Baby Carrier 8Mission Critical Baby Carrier 9Mission Critical Baby Carrier 1Mission Critical Baby Carrier 5Mission Critical Baby Carrier 4Mission Critical Baby Carrier 6Mission Critical Baby Carrier 2


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