Misfit Speedo Shine Smartwatch Tracks Swimming, Exercise and Sleep

Let Speedo Shine Your Path to Victory!

When you think of Speedo, the name has become known for its stylish simplicity – sleekness, smoothness and fashionably designs swimwear that looks great and that causes the least amount of drag while swimming, which is why serious swimmers choose to dawn little Speedo clothes. And, they feel good when you wear them.

Time means a great deal in all types of sports. All types of athletes keep track of time in some way to train, and the folks at Speedo know this. That’s why the company created a time piece to keep up with the needs of athletes, it’s called Speedo Shine! It may sound like a cleaning detergent, but it really will clean-up your training time, the watch is truly one-of-a-kind.

Swimmers can rest assured its sleek design won’t slow them down while training and you can verify it, because the ‘Shine’ is an extremely accurate timepiece. It never requires charging, and it can keep track of your day’s activities and needed sleep schedules. It’s not just for swimmers, although it is waterproof to 50 meters, anyone who has a schedule to keep, where time really matters, can benefit from the Speedo Shine’s unique set of regal colors such as Pale Silver and Pure.

Can the Speedo Shine outshine other timepieces? Yeah, it does, because its special band can be adjusted so you can wear it anywhere. On your shoe, on your shoulder, on your arm, or even just on your wrist and you don’t have to worry about its durability, because it’s crafted with aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. If you need to train to win, then let Speedo ‘Shine’ your path to victory!


Speedo Shine Smartwatch
Speedo Shine Smartwatch
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