MiniBrew Beer Brewing Machine Distills Craft Beer Easier Than Ever

MiniBrew condenses all the artful precision and meticulous chemistry that culminates in a perfectly homebrewed beer into about the time it takes to watch DANCES WITH WOLVES. How does this level of convenience reached through ingenuity not merit a unanimous Nobel Prize selection?

This is “micro-brew” redefined: fine natural ingredients semi-actively brewed in roughly 3.5 hours to craft 5 litres (1.3 gallons) of your personal beer-to-be, ready to ferment for at least a week inside a portable copper-finished keg until you’re ready to tap and enjoy.

Feel free to experiment with world-class recipes until you’ve aligned ingredients and timing to give birth to a brew that is truly, purely your own.

The MiniBrew one-stop-shop is awash with premium ingredient packs you can order easily as needed. Your initial kit comes with absolutely everything else you’ll need for home-spun alcoholic alchemy, including three hop and flavour containers. The MiniBrew automates its filtering and fermentation processes and includes a 20-minute semi-automatic cleaning function. Brewing measures up to the 72%-84% craft-beer industry standard (with less than 5% deviation) with up to seven mashing steps. Friction-based measurement and temperatures adjusted by built-in sensor inputs throughout the mashing, heating, cooling and fermentation phases are all reported back to you via the app and the MiniBrew’s built-in Wi-Fi station for ongoing progress reports.

The debut MiniBrew Beta is slated to ship sometime circa January 2016 with the first full production run beginning the following April. Pricing is set to start from $1,850. With 27 days to go in its Indiegogo campaign as of Oct. 24, 41 backers have raised a combined $43,570 toward a $100,000 funding goal.

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