Miniature People Photography Make Our Big World A Better Place

What a wonderful world we could share with a race of unthinkably tiny humans. No, seriously.

Once our two kinds could get past the logistical quandary of the tiny tribe being able to travel throughout the Earth without millions of screams and squishy noises filling the air beneath our shoes, we really think that Thai designer Poy could be on to something. He took a 2014 viewing of the captivating whimsical short “Arrietty” by Japan’s Studio Ghibli to heart and brought to life through his camera lens a world of miniature people just looking to lend the big folk a hand and live in comfort.

We’ve seen ANT-MAN and Ray Palmer’s adventures on ARROW enough by now to actually find the concept of minute, armored men zipping about pretty damned cool. It kind of makes us think twice about every piece of gum we spit out. Yeesh. For us, that’s a soiled shoe. For a miniaturized society? It’s a flavorless meteor falling upon their world.

Source – BoredPanda via Facebook

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